Appalachian Music Program


IMG_2258The Appalachian Music Program is Great for All Ages!

Appalachia and the Music (grades K-5)

Where is Appalachia? Where did the Appalachian people come from? What was it like growing up as a child in Appalachia?  What instruments did the folks play? Where did the banjo come from? These are just some of the questions we will discuss during Anna’s interactive program, but we will answer and discuss them in a fun, yet learning way. Students will participate in an Old-Time Jug Band and learn some old-time songs as they play spoons, saws, limberjacks, washboards, washtub, and cowbells.  So let’s kick up our heels and have a great time learning about our Appalachian heritage and region!

•Assembly Program  – One Day Residency

•Grade Level Program -up to 5 classrooms

                                                                  •One to Two Day Residency

                                                                  •Single Classroom Program – One Day Residence

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*Photos by Traci K. McDonell